Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting engineering channels?

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When it comes to engineering channels, in the traditional era, everyone will suddenly think of traditional brands such as Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, NVC Lighting, GE, Philips, Thorne, and Cooper; There are few emerging companies such as Shanghai Lighting and Hunan Zhengyang; in fact, for engineering channels, their scope is very wide

When it comes to engineering channels, in the traditional era, everyone will suddenly think of traditional brands such as Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, NVC Lighting, GE, Philips, Thorne, and Cooper; There are a few emerging companies such as Shang Lighting and Hunan Zhengyang; in fact, the scope of engineering channels is very wide, to give two examples: 1. Lamps can become engineering projects due to the renovation of parking lots, large supermarkets, and office buildings. Project products; 2. Ceiling lamps have become engineering products because of the needs of stairwells, balconies, and hardcover rooms in real estate; therefore, from light sources to lamps, from outdoors to the city, even crystal lamps and marble lamps have their engineering operations Features; lighting projects such as squares, parks, river banks, and building exterior walls are projects, venue lighting is engineering, airports, tunnels, bridges, and road lighting are projects, factories, mines, wharves, and power stations are projects, hotels, shopping malls, and real estate are projects. Engineering, CBD office building, government administrative building, finance, taxation, education, medical system, etc. or engineering; lighting projects around the building can be part of the engineering channel, the key is how to subdivide and define;

For the lighting industry, the projects generally refer to lighting, roads, offices, venues, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other relatively mainstream projects are projects; its product lines are generally summarized as outdoor lighting, office lighting, and commercial lighting. ;The operation characteristics of engineering channels generally require more professional product lines, strong technical and service capabilities, and only companies or dealers with rich engineering operation experience. The technical review is related to the higher requirements for lamps, especially in some major projects. In the traditional era, lighting projects are generally realized by manufacturers and distributors. Only a few, such as the Olympic Games, World Expo, and National Games, need to cooperate directly with manufacturers because of the extremely high bidding requirements; in the LED era, because the provincial capitals and The first-tier cities are all over the LED enterprises supported by the government. This type can be called "god son" or "feudal princes". Due to the weak channel construction and specific priority and careful care, their projects are generally mainly directly supplied by manufacturers. At present, it is mainly reflected in outdoor projects and municipal renovation projects; therefore, the pace of engineering channels of mainstream brands has been continuously squeezed out and suppressed in recent years, and at least it will continue in the next few years. Too many non-market-oriented behaviors force some companies to invest in engineering Channels have achieved a little, and in the recent frugal environment, the budget and investment of municipal engineering projects will also greatly affect outdoor and construction projects. Enterprises with more engineering channels will squeeze into hotels, shopping malls, and real estate that are mainly engaged in private business. , shops and other commercial lighting.

In private business, there are less complex relationships and more excellent quality and professional services, while a small number of enterprises with core technologies and high value-added services may feel a little gratification from some professional projects; just, for For more than 70% of the mass users, high cost performance is still the focus of attention, and the brutal competition in the industry has brought more choices for the owners; of course, the impact of e-commerce on engineering and retail channels is not to be mentioned. It is believed that it will not be long before a large number of lighting practitioners who are fighting for their survival due to homogenization will soon force the engineering channel to become the second streaking channel after the circulation and wholesale channel;

Some people think that because of the different inherent operational characteristics, the engineering channel requires different technical strength and public relations experts, and there is relatively little competition that can be involved. Therefore, it is a "fat meat" in the lighting industry; The right risks and pressures will be much greater than normal circulation and retail channels! In the lighting battlefield, because of the different functions and needs of buildings, the in-depth front of its product line will be very long. Only some intelligently controlled lighting, Hotel lighting, venue lighting, industrial lighting, museum lighting and other relatively unpopular subdivisions may have the definition of "fat"; in fact, engineering channels are also a very mainstream killing battlefield, but the terrain is different, the required arms are different, weapons It is not the same, and the corresponding tactics are also different.

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