Zhongshan Yuhong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. makes the following quality assurance commitments to all users who purchase various types of LED lamps and lanterns from our company:

1. For all LED lighting products, our company strictly follows the technical requirements (technical agreement) provided by customers to purchase, produce and inspect;
2. In the process of purchasing raw materials, equipment, product production and manufacturing and other links, strictly control the quality to ensure that each process is in a state of quality control, so as to ensure the quality of the product;
3. All LED lighting products must be aged for 48 hours before leaving the factory and are inspected in strict accordance with the inspection procedures to ensure that the finished products are qualified;
4. The warranty period of all LED lighting products is three years, and the quality of the products will be tracked and maintained for five years. Our quality policy is "customer first, pursuit of excellence, prevention first, good quality".

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