Yunnan Menghai Square Lighting Project

release time:

2022-09-21 18:48

Menghai County, Yunnan is the hometown of the famous "Pu'er tea" at home and abroad and the earliest place for tea production in China. The four seasons are suitable for rice growth and are rich in high-quality rice. Since ancient times, it has been known as the "granary in southern Yunnan" and is a national-level grain production base and sugar base.

Menghai Square is a local landmark building. The architectural shape is full of ethnic characteristics, the geographical location is superior, and the transportation is convenient. Pay attention to implementation while avoiding damage to architectural materials, pay attention to the beauty of night scenes and pay attention to the aesthetics of lamps during the day. The exterior wall lighting project mainly uses yellow and white light as the main tones. On the edge of the eaves of the ancient building, the shape of the ancient building is outlined through the edge of the LED outline light ditch; in the aisle outside the building, LED white light wall washer lights are used to illuminate the handrails Area; the overall lighting engineering effect is distinct, with obvious primary and secondary, highlighting the characteristics of classical architecture itself.

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