The official website of Zhongshan Yuhong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has been revised online!

The layout method and design technology of the original website of Zhongshan Yuhong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. have been passed for many years. There is no mobile version of the website, which is inconvenient for customers to browse. In order to better enhance the user's experience, the Yuhong Lighting website will be further promoted. With the strong support of the leadership of our company and the joint efforts of relevant departments, after more than two months of careful planning, preparation and design and production, the company's official website has finally been redesigned. Officially launched on August 16, 2019! We have simplified and improved the original columns and content, making the information of each column more clear and beautiful. The main columns of the website include the home page, about Yuhong, Yuhong products, news center, successful cases, online message and contact Yuhong Hong, to maximize the satisfaction of visitors' understanding and needs of our company's information. The newly revised website adopts a modern, fashionable and simple design style, makes full use of popular website design elements and website production technologies, and adjusts and improves the overall structure, interaction and visual effects of the website, bringing visitors a Refreshing feeling! In addition, in order to adapt to the increasing demand of current mobile devices, the new website specially uses the popular intelligent responsive website technology to meet the needs of mobile users! The company can provide customized products and services according to customer samples and manuscripts. It is a source manufacturer of customized processing, with reliable product performance and moderate price. Yuhong Lighting pays attention to honest management and cooperation. We will continue to learn, actively innovate, and use practical actions to create efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures to repay our customers. All colleagues of Yuhong Lighting are full of gratitude and infinite Enthusiasm and positive energy, continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services on the road of lighting. On the occasion of the new revision of the company's website, we are here to wish the company's new and old customers all the best, and the company's colleagues in their work. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and discuss cooperation. May our service bring new impetus to your development, work together to create a better future, and do our best for China's dream of rejuvenation! Looking forward to your visit!


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