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Open the package, check the product carefully, please handle it with care; If you find any damage to the product, please keep the product packaging and report it to the customer in a timely manner; Please do not attempt to use damaged products; The installation of the product must be performed by a licensed professional electrician; Non-professionals, please do not dismantle and repair, our company has the right to refuse to provide replacement or warranty services for dismantled and repaired products.

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MP-260 (Lighting cloud conduction intelligent controller)

MP-260 is an industrial computer with built-in 10-inch resistive touch screen, pre-installed WINDOWS 7 flagship version, equipped with dual Gigabit LAN. The Ethernet signal can be output to the Ethernet controller directly through the network cable, and then the lamps can be controlled.

Tunnel light - no plug

LED tunnel light series: It adopts the principle of conduction and convection heat dissipation, and is a new type of green and environmentally friendly light manufactured in accordance with GB7000.5-2005 "Safety Requirements for Road and Street Lighting Lamps". Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, moisture and heat resistance, good sealing performance. High luminous efficiency, vivid vision, no flicker, no harm to eyes and skin, safe to use. The new LED light source is selected and equipped with a specially designed light distribution system.

LED Wall Light (Customized)

In order to ensure the normal operation of the product, please use the voltage within the voltage range of the lamp label; Please follow the correct installation steps to install the product; When installing and disassembling the product, please disconnect the power supply of the lamp to avoid the risk of leakage.

YH-SXD-002 (high power underwater light)

Open two holes with the same size as the screw holes on the physical product bracket at the place to be installed, and install the screws; Adjust the angle of the light body according to the light angle of the object to be illuminated, and fix the light body; Wiring, connect the brown wire left on the side of the lamp to the positive pole of the power supply, and the blue wire to the negative pole of the power supply After confirming that the connection is correct, turn on the power and the lamp can work normally.


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